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Re: Bill Walker using Looperlative recording available for download

hey, I think tomorrow's the LD anniversary, no? Still time to get loops up on Krispen's page (http://www.krispenhartung.com/LoopersDelight10Year.htm)! How 'bout a "dry" 30-second sample, Bill? (or anyone else still not represented?)

The thought of voiceovers makes me think of "Tubular Bells"..."and now...half-speed...REVERSE!"

Daryl Shawn

speaking of words young bill.....why not do a voiceover on your tune so we can get the skinny as we listen.....great idea no ?.....i wish you had used just the looerlative though, bringing in dl-4s and wamframawammers just confused me as to what was doing what.....wasn't that a cover of a BRENHARDS tune? one of their LUV SONGS?.....nice.....:)m