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Re: Live stumbling ...

I have an internal Realtek audio setup, and I managed to get it to work with much lower latency by using the ASIO4ALL driver.  Might be worth a shot.


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How about the hard drive you lay down audio to?


Thanks, Per.  I usually keep the drive defragged, but tried it anyway.  No
effect.  But,...and I offer this to document it online for anyone who
develops a similar problem....

I found that the audio drivers were set wrong for AL5.

I also run Cubase on my laptop.  I had set the audio to use Stienberg's ASIO
wrapper.  During the early part of the learning curve on a new system, I
hadn't done much with Cubase beyond opening it up and looking around,
spending all of my time with AL to be fluent with it as quickly as possible
because of my work.

A couple of weeks ago, I used Cubase to record a demo of a new song.  Soon
after, I began having the problem with AL, but didn't make the connection.
After exhausting everything else, I switched the audio driver type in AL
from ASIO back to MME/DirectX.  The system played a processor heavy file for
40 minutes with no glitching.

Now, running the system for 3 days, I haven't had the first (un-intentional)
stutter in AL5.  I am convinced this problem is resolved.  I don't know if
it's ASIO or just the Steinberg wrapper in particular, but opt for another
solution.  I plan to eventually upgrade to E-Mu's 1616m for all serious
audio applications, but the internal Realtek is doing fine in the interim.

Thank you to all who offered suggestions.




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