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72 hours of EDP music - was: 10th Anniv. 30 sec. tune

Hi everybody

just got back on to the list after a while

not sure if this is about the EDP's 10th anniversary but if so, this might be my contribution:

I am currently quite busy finishing my new composition "Fractaloid 1-9 - 72 hours of EDP music" that will be performed in Bern-Switzerland from september 14th to 17th featuring Lucio Menegon and Martin Birnstiel on Guitar or Cello respectively.

More info in english:

Much more info in german:

Thanks for zapping in!


Philipp "zurrigo" Zuercher
Elfenauweg 2
CH-3006 Bern

+41 31 332 46 44  (Landline)
+41 78 623 13 13  (Mobile)