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Re: praising the X/Y vector concept (was: kaoss pad porn (NOT OT I T LOOPS)

I love the KP and the KP-2, I own several and use them for all sorts  
of things.

I recently took one of the older KP-1 boxes apart in hopes of using  
the x/y pad for a homemade controller. It didn't work as I hoped and  
I'm curious if anyone has messed with this before. Of course I  
removed the pad very carefully and I can put the KP back together  
pretty easily, but I'd really like to just use the x/y for part of a  
midi controller I am building. Any experience?

- b

On Aug 4, 2006, at 1:58 PM, fabio anile wrote:

> Surely, it loops and it's definitively one of my preferred piece of  
> gear.
> With its X/Y vectors I've got a usefull control of effects. About  
> what Per said, I've see a cellist in the M. Stockausen band playing  
> it with her nude foot.. Sreange but interesting!
> My best
> Fabio Anile
> http://xoomer. alice. it/eterogeneo