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RC-50 glitch/software update rumor

i was just speaking to ryan at boss customer support.  according to him, there is no definite rc50 software update in the works.  they have requested one from japan due to what he said were 2 issues specifically- the "glitch" issue and what he said was a "drifting" issue when using midi sync.  perhaps the lack of ability to function as the "slave" in the chain?  i've not gotten into that aspect of the unit.

somewhere back in the discussion of rc-50 issues, it came up that an update was in the making for sure.  does anyone remember how, when that came up?  i felt a little foolish when he told me this.

though i've now performed with the unit several times and can do the bit of playing through the first beat of the playback to cover the glitch, it's still a pain and from what i can gather here a factor for some people not to even bother with it.