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Re: Midi looper ... anyone know one?

markfrancombe.com wrote:

> So whats this new divice gotta be???

Is a divice a divine device?  ;-)

> Its gotta be called the Midiplex Digital Pro:
> Its a small 1 U and cheap beast... I want it to have EXACTLY THE SAME 
> WAY OF WORKING as an EDP except instead of recording audio it should 
> record and loop and overdub... midi notes... I want the same insert 
> caperbilities

I don't know anyone who likes capers inserted in their food, much less 
their loopers.  ;-)
(Yes, I'm in a wierd mood!)

Seriously now:

> (altho I can see some problems here) and it should have some quantise 
> caperbilities, to FORCE your playing onto a "grid" of your choosing, 
> 16th, 32nds/ or 256ths if you are tight...

Does Live do MIDI looping?  For you Roland S-50 and S-550 sampler owners 
out there, DIR-S might be a possibility.