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Re: process Vs product

> I totally agree that while the process can be interesting ultimately it 
> irrelevant to the end result, which needs to be "good music" in and of 
> it's
> own right.

of course it is.. Im DEFINATELY releasing my recordings of improvisaions, 
cos I do nothing else!! Both my "studio" releases AND my live recordings 

>> I think Tangerine Dream worked like this. They'd record hours of jamming
> and
>> cut it into shape for an album.
>> Anyone here doing this?

 This is what I do, although I got it from Can and Faust rather than TD 
(didnt know they did that, but of course its obvious)...
I am recording improvisations, HEAVILY editing them roughly in a Wav 
(hacking out the crap) then I put it all back together, working out how 
bit needs to get to another bit, crossfadeing sections for many minutes 
sometimes, or recording extra bits to fit in the gaps, or overdubing in 
ProTools some extra sounds layers etc... in the end, the result is as 
into and on top of as a regular studio recording of a pop song, but with a 
slightly differing result.
One year later however, when I listen back, I have forgotton that it ever 
had any work done on top, and often believe it was just one improv...

Live recordings we just put out however, as they are from a binaural 
recording 10 feet infrom of me or who ever Im playing with...


mark francombe
marks website is at www.markfrancombe.com he writes for 
and works at www.transformlearning.com
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