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Re: process Vs product

And that's how I did the majority of my CDs too...I just record, record, record, both in my studio at live performances. Eventually, something pulls together into a theme.  I did this for a year and generated enough material to create two CDs, albeit out of probably 10 CDs of material! 
Does anyone actually go into the studio with the intent of recording all the songs for a looping CD? This would feel very restrictive and unnatural to me, like trying to force art into a bottle, or like telling a painter he has to go into a room and complete a great painting in 6 hours.
...although, these days, most everything that I play live or play in the studio I would feel comfortable putting on CD.  Several years ago, before playing and studying jazz, and really becomining intimate with my guitar as an improvisational tool to the point the I could feel something and then play it, I could not have done this...it would have been hit and miss. I feel as if I have become very consistent with the quality of my playing now, regardless of how many risks I take. Looping in the free improv context, live, has really helped with this too. I can't think of a better appraoch to fine tune how well  you become acquainted with your instrument.  I am very comfortable playing in the dark now.
When this consistency is not as "consistent" is when I play with others, because then I have a whole new set of factors to address.
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> I think Tangerine Dream worked like this. They'd record hours
> of jamming and cut it into shape for an album.
> Anyone here doing this?

that was how I created my Escape Veloopity album almost 10 years ago. I had this Paradis Loopdelay and some effects and a DAT recorder and I just looped and improvised for weeks and months, recording lots of it. Then I made a "best of" for myself, and only then it occurred to me that I might put some of it on CD.

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