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Re: Boss-dd20 Qestion

Luis wrote:

> Hi gang,
> I just got a used DD-20 and ive been fooling around
> with it,i noticed that the screen led light goes on
> when i turn the device on and then it goes out after a
> few seconds,is this normal? i have it plugged in with
> a normal Boss 9V 200Ma adaptor
> thanx
> Luis

Yup. Totally normal. If you want the screen to stay lit, hold down both
buttons just below the screen for about 2 seconds. You'll see that it's
kinda bracketed to indicate both both buttons with *LIGHT written there.
That's the unit's way of saying, "push these down for the light to stay 
I'll bet you can go to the Boss web site and find the manual in a PDF file.
Not that a Boss manual is very helpful... ;-)
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