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Re: Re: should we name it echoing ?

Andy id love to hear this new technique of yours man!
Your CD is full of inovative ideas that im still
learning from it.
I guess what i see lately is that there is a change in
the way people are looping, perhaps due to the change
in looping technology.When i first joined this list
about 9 years ago 99% of the looping i heard was
"soundscapes" and although i do love it i wanted to
hear more song structure looping as well as loops
synced to samplers and drum machines,i still find this
very challenging to make it creative and dont hear it
too often from folks in this list.Claude Voits and
some of the older stuff from Lafosse are one of the
few ones ive heard.
If anybody is doing creative stuff with the EDPs and
Akai MPC1000 please let me know!

--- a k butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> At 05:11 27/07/2006, you wrote on LD
> >different styles,but allright looping is looping...
> >so id like to see fripp or Matthias doing more
> >sequence style looping!
> >cheers
> >Luis
> hi Luis....nice topic
> Fripp seems to be stuck firmly in the tape delay
> era, I wonder if 
> people who worked with that have a block on seeing
> the possibilities 
> of digital looping.
> Matthias Grob is already a pioneer in bridging the
> gap between the 
> old and the new, he plays with rhythm and feedback
> together.  ...but 
> yes, it would be very nice to hear him trying out
> some of the "newer" 
> techniques.
> It would also be nice if Andre Lafosse would let
> some of his glitchy 
> rhythms fade out once in a while, while building up
> a wash over them.
> To make a split between feedback-looping and
> sample-looping maybe 
> helps in discussion, but there's actually not a
> distinct barrier 
> between those two styles, other than the one
> produced by lack of imagination.
> With new technology, there's always the opportunity
> to make "old" 
> music quicker and easier, and usually that's the
> first use it gets 
> put to, but there's also the possibility to make a
> new music that 
> no-one heard before, that's something I find
> interesting.
> andy butler
> ps
> Recently I've been using feedback in a different
> way, using rapid 
> drops in feedback level to replace small sections of
> what is 
> essentially a "sample" based loop.....so that's
> feedback, but it's 
> hardly "echoing".


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