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Staying on the Looping topic

I agree with much of what Kim said in terms of people disciplining 
themselves to stay on the
topic of looping and I have probably been as guilty of that as anyone.

That being said,  I do want to beg to differ about this statement:

"This list is not here to discuss computer
problems, or favorite VST effects, or DAW recommendations........
(just to pick on a few random, recent off-topics.)"

The fact of the matter is that the major innovations in the real time 
looping world in the past three or so
years have been mostly in the computer software realm.

With the exception of the Looperlative there have not been very many 
innovations in the hardware world
at all (with the exception of more powerful floor effects pedals like the 
Boss RC 50).

Consequently,  discussions about things like DAW recommendations (because 
live looping VSTs HAVE
to be hosted somewhere in your laptop) or VST effects,  which have 
everything to do with how your music
is manifest if you are using a laptop computer set up to loop live are 
extremely pertinent to the world
of live looping.

I'm actually still almost entirely a hardware live looper but there are no 
ifs, ands or buts about it,   there is a lot
out there in the laptop software world that is rapidly changing the 
field (from Augustus loop to Mobius
to Ableton's Live,  etc.)

The computer software live looping solutions are in their infancy so there 
are bound to be discussions
about what's wrong with them or what types of computers are most 
to solve those solutions.
Not everyone is going to chose that solution, necessarily but I imagine it 
takes up a lot of thought in a lot
of people doing looping in front of an audience in real time.

At the looping festivals the number of people using laptop/software 
solutions has risen dramatically in the past three years.

If , however, the majority of people on this list think that these are 
innapropriate 'off topic' posts then I am willing
to cease and desist my own discussions of these things  but I don't think 
they are.

I also agree, though , that reeling those discussions into only things 
dovetail into live looping should be our task.

respectfully,   Rick Walker