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Re: Pitch Shifting plug-in (was: Re: Sampl

>On 26 jul 2006, at 14.12, gareth whittock wrote:
>>While we're on the subject of vst plugins. Who knows of a decent
>>pitch shifter vst, preferrably with some sort of formant preserving
>Hi Gareth,
>I thought Chopitch was good when I tried it out. Available as VST for
>Mac and Windows at http://www.mathons.com/.
>If you computer runs OSX you should already have Apples AU pitch
>shifter onboard. It's comes for free with the system.
>Greetings from Sweden
>Per Boysen

Thanks for the mention Per  :-)
Unfortunately Chopitch doesn't have any formant facility, and it's not
intended for voice ( although I tried on some spoken word from the 
bbc the other
day just for fun, and it sounded great)

One of the things Chopitch excels at is making a small drum sound like a 
drum, so for a performer who uses hand drums and a lap top (er....Gareth) 
well worth checking out.

andy butler
www.mathons.com  (Chopitch)