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Re:computer-tech question (time-sensitive)

hi Andrew,

It's not possible to give an accurate diagnosis with just this info
(and my limited knowledge)

>Today, though, is a different matter.  Today, AA2 will crash and 
>reboot the computer
>immediately upon opening AA2.  And this happens when no other program is 
>So no matter what I do I can't open AA2 today, though yesterday I 
>could (see above).
>It has happened consistently today and I *really* need to finish 
>some editing for deadline
>#1 of 4 asap.
>So... does anyone have any ideas how I could fix this problem?
>Crapcleaner doesn't detect any issues.  Adobe tech support have been 
>a waste of my time
>in the past.

If you want to check out those start -up programs just google the 

your using XP right? ( always give the OS when asking the sort of question 

at first I thought  it's a hardware problem, perhaps faulty memory.
....but haven't come across this before.
....so I could be 100% wrong on this

the reasoning is
1) XP is resilient to having an application crash, the worst case 
I've seen is that the app just "disappears".
2) The problem happens when you're using a lot of memory, AA is a big 
program since Adobe got their hands on it.

Then I thought what if it's a virus?
For it to behave as it does, it would have to infect AA2 or something 
called by AA2 on startup,
or re-direct the AA2 shortcut to somewhere else ( so you wouldn't see 
the AA2 splash screen) .

Definitely use a virus check as first resort, if you didn't already.

If it's not a hardware fault, then Formatting the Hard Drive should 
sort you out.
(I know it takes a while to reinstall everything, but at least you 
can be confident it works,
and while it takes a long time, at least it takes a known finite time 
which is better
than endless troubleshooting)
You'll need to phone Microsoft to re-register XP though ;-(

good luck

andy butler