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Re: RC-50 video on summer NAMM

Well, his performance at Musikmesse Frankfurt is one of the reasons why 
I will buy the RC50 (I'm reading this list since March); in my opinion 
it was a great performance.
The first artist I've seen doing this "strrange looping thing" was KT 
Tunstall... It really triggered me - I remember stopping the video tape 
and trying to figure out what that little thing on the stage floor was 
(Akai Headrush).
So you can imagine I was very impressed when I noticed looping has such 
a long tradition ...loopers-delight is a real treasure for me.
It started with KT, went on with live performances of Rico Loop and 
Francois Breut and the last video that impressed me a lot was the one of 
Phil Keaggy that was posted on this list (waiting for his DVD).
 ...and now I'm reading the list every day  ...buying books, waiting for 
the RC50 to be available in Germany... waiting for the next impressive 
video or performance - and can't wait to start doing it myself.
...what am I trying to say?
If a  looping community exists, Rico should be a part of it.


> On Jul 24, 2006, at 11:16 AM, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill 
> wrote:
>> I was really flabberghasted to learn from Rico Loop (with a name like 
>> this,
>> he sure must be an authority) that the RC-50 is "the most powerful 
>> looper in
>> the world - actually the only stereo looper in the world."
> The truly scary part is that Boss thinks this clown is going to help 
> sell their product. I couldn't stop laughing. Poor guy...he seems to 
> take his "art" so seriously, too.
> Jeff