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Re: Loop effects: Can software be as good as good hardware?

Well partially I was thinking that most of us with
pro-sumer level audio interfaces wouldn't get the same
high quality output that a dedicated machine might
get.  I could be totally wrong though, which is why I
asked.  If you're truely saying that for the price of
a laptop (to use me as an example) ($1400), audio
interface ($200) and Reaktor software ($300) I'd get
something on par with an Exclipse, well then I'd be
shaking in my boots if I was a hardware manufacture.


--- Bill Fox <billyfox@soundscapes.us> wrote:

> mark sottilaro wrote:
> > All this talk about Eclipse/Fireworx vs.
> Max/Reaktor
> > made me think, surely dedicated hardware must
> sound a
> > lot better, no? Perhaps software is way more
> flexible
> > but is it as good? If all you got from hardware
> was
> > lower latency I'd imagine ebay would be flooded
> with
> > effects processors to the point people couldn't
> give
> > them away. I'm excited about what my humble laptop
> > can do but will it rival even my modest Lexicon
> MPX1
> > in terms of sound quality?
> Unless I'm not correctly understanding your
> question, it seems to me 
> that you're asking about audio quality.  This seems
> like an odd 
> question, if it isn't a troll.  ;-)  Considering all
> of the applications 
> a computer can do: play CDs, play DVDs, run
> sequencers like Sonar and 
> ProTools, run Live, et al, audio quality shouldn't
> even be an issue 
> unless an app is poorly written.  Shouldn't you be
> asking about timing, 
> latency, ease of operation?
> Cheers,
> Bill

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