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RC-50 & Loop Decay

Hi folks

Here is an idea how Loop Decay with RC-50 _could_ possibly work.
(btw, I've just received my RC-50... can't wait to try it out tonight at 
home... :-))

Just one question first: is it possible to switch via MIDI between 
Play/Rec mode?
If yes, do you think something like this would work to implement Loop 

You need:
- RC-50
- Midi Sequencer that can send midi control messages
- Mixer

- Turn off tempo sync, guide etc. on RC-50
- Connect your midi sequencer & RC-50 via midi
- Setup your mixer
  - send mixer out to RC-50 IN
  - send RC-50 OUT to mixer
  - connect your SOURCE signal (i.e. guitar) to mixer
  - set level of guitar to 100% on mixer
  - set level of RC-50 out on mixer to i.e. 80% (depending on desired 
decay level)
- (On RC-50, make sure the input signal is not monitored back to mixer)
- Program your midi sequencer the following way:
  - Loop i.e. 2x2bars on midi sequencer
  - Adjust tempo accordingly
  - First bar triggers: (stop all phrases &) Phrase1 Play & Phrase2 Record
  - Second bar triggers: Phrase2 Play & Phrase 1 Record

Now, when you perform, the first two phrases of RC-50 should work as a 
"PING PONG RECORDING". Thus, the loop would be moved from Phrase 1 to 
Phrase 2 and each turn, the volume would be reduced - depending on the 
feedback level you set on the mixer.

Additionally, you could have another Phrase3 that you could play or record!

So, do you think this will work? Of course this boils down to the question:
on the RC-50?

Best regards

PS: Link to RC-50 manual: 

PPS: The "fade out" will not be of any use btw, since it just fades out 
and stops the loop.


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