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Re: Novation X-Station, M-Audio Ozonic

Josh,There will ALWAYS be gigs to do. But, your wife and baby will not always need you like this weekend.They are more important. You may not always have them there. (God forbid).I lost my 21 yr. old daughter three years ago and I still struggle to regain a semblance of "normal" life.Please don't be offended by my email. I too sometimes forgot that music isn't always no. 1. I pray you never have a life lesson like mine to put things into perspective. Take care. Rick

Joshua Carroll <josh@infinivert.com> wrote:
Does anyone on this list use either of these products? I guess I'm
really just window shopping, but it is feasible that I could eBay some
old gear I'm not using right now and scrape up enough cash to buy one.
I'd love to hear reviews from you guys, especially pertaining to the
Audio I/O side of things.



PS: Hope you're all having fun out gigging this Independence Day
weekend. I'm home with a sick, 38-weeks-pregnant wife, and honestly
feeling a little jealous. Rock out for me!

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