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Re: software based phrase sampler

> copy.  Doesn't do you a lot of good without the pedals, but you can 
> experiment with it anyway.

I'm not sure what you have in the hardware, but if I might make a 
suggestion, maybe you could think about implementing midi controls, so any 
user can just use their midi pedal of choice (FCB1010?).  Your product 
will be cheaper if you don't need hardware, and distribution is certainly 
easier.  Of course there's that piracy issue...

I don't mean to discourage you from building a unique interface for your 
product!  I think there's a long way to go from what's available now, and 
would love to see improvement.  It just might be easier to get the project 
off the ground as a software only product at first, then add the hardware 

Then again I may be completely misunderstanding what you intend to do with 
the hardware.