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Re: Ableton w/ VST Looper

Hi Per

I knew you would be answering ;-)

> Then you will have to run XP on the Mac (Intel CPU Mac + Boot Camp)
I was hoping to be able to use something on Mac instead (SooperLooper, AU 
Looper, Augustus...). I didn't have time to try these options yet, hope 
they also perform in similar fashion like Mobius (though none of them 
seems so powerful).

> Set eight Live tracks (session view) to fetch the eight track outputs  
> >from Mobius. 
Wow, interesting approach. So I can use _the same Mobius with synced loops 
to go to 8 Ableton channels? That would be fantastic, gotta try that out.

> But you should know that the concept of splitting audio over many  
> channels to apply effects in real-time will eat up a lot of CPU  
> power. 
We'll see how my machine will perform ;-)

> I prefer to work the instant composing stuff on a master track  
> level (mangling the summed layers/loops) instead of taking the remix  
> approach to split it up in parallel.
I like to mix stuff until I have a certain density. Then, to keep the mix 
interesting, I like to add some delay or phaser/flanger or reverse on some 
But if you have 8 loops in Mobius, I guess I could pick a loop and then 
resample it with effects, would be probably less CPU consuming.
Could it perhaps work the other way - using Ableton as effect machine for 

When playing live music - even just for myself - I prefer to have minimum 
contact with a computer and rely on musicality & hardware instead.
I'm still not sure if I'll stick to my hardware-dogma or find a way to 
integrate Ableton/SW-Loopers.

We'll see. I'll keep on experimenting with both worlds (HW/SW) before I 

Best regards and thanks


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