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Re: Play/Configure

Yup, I think the issue is in the artist's personality, not the gear. 
Feature-itis can take place with hardware or software.....or trumpet 
mouthpieces, guitar strings....banjo tuners.....bagpipe reeds....

It is about making music, not making technology... technology (hware or 
sware) should be our servant, we should not be its servant.....

Jeff Kaiser
pfMENTUM.com  AngryVegan.com

On May 31, 2006, at 10:51 AM, mark sottilaro wrote:

> --- Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
>> The real trip is to stay with, and grow with, that
>> instrument until it becomes seamlessly creative.
> While this type of featureism is easier with software,
> it's not totally absent in the world of hardware too,
> especially with some of the more complicated boxes
> like the EDP.  Any time you're put in a system with a
> large amount of possibilities it's easy to be lulled
> by the dazzeling array of features available to
> today's modern musician.
> I tend to notice I go through cycles of
> play/configure. I've been thinking about this a lot
> lately as I've been in a deep configure mode.  I know
> why though.  I have this "feature set" in my head that
> I can't seem to make happen in reality... well not
> without 6 EDPs which I can't afford (or fit in my
> rack).  I've become obsessed with it and can't seem to
> let go.
> So how does one ignore the bee in one's bonnet?  I bet
> a good answer to that is unsubscribe from this list.
> I love this list, but it's a constant "Oh look at this
> cool thing" in your ear. A lot of it's easy to ignore,
> but when you've got a craving for a specific thing and
> someone keeps wafting the scent of it towards you via
> TCP/IP it's very hard to ignore.
> In any case, I'm back with my trusty Repeater.
> Imperfect, but it still comes far closer to what works
> for me than anything else in this topsy turvy world.
> Time to make some loops...
> Mark
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