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Re: Computers and Global responsibility - was RE: Snap, Crackle,Pop - VST Effect & Sound Card Problems

Andreas Wetterberg wrote:
> Yeah - apart from Krispens latest follies it seems all we do around here 
> is trouble-shoot hardware!!!

Even a violin or a cello has hardware issues, I am sure Zoe could tell 
us stories about that...
But I think the more remarkable point of the inital post was about a 
relation ship with an instrument.
One advantage of a hardware setup is, it doesn't change that much, 
because its too much hassle or too expensive to change it. This leads to 
a more solid connection to your instrument, which is essential for 
making good music.
The software does not force you to change it, but we are all addicts of 
If we could learn to focus on the instrumental aspect of making music, 
it would help the environment automatically, we would use our gear for a 
much longer time.


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