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RE: Suggestions for writing your own custom looping VSTs

> From: Art Simon
> Summer vacation is coming up, and I'm thinking of trying to write a
> Looping VST plugin.

I don't have any experience with the plugin development environments,
but from what I've read, Max or PD are probably the best for looping.
My general impression is that Synthedit is easier to use but not as
flexible.  AFAIK the only looper created with Synthedit is Elottronix.
There are several Max loopers, and several list members using it.  It
is easier to build upon other people's work and share what you create.

PD is free so you might want to start there.  Max appears to have a
larger user community and better support.

One thing I can say for sure, writing a VST from scratch is about
as much fun as a Tabasco enema.  The development environments make
this *much* easier.