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Re: Flight cases

I have a similar box for a guitar and it's disassembled neck. It's got 
4"-5" tall, and about .5"-.75" thick wooden walls around the perimeter, 
larger posts in the corners that the sides are screwed to. I just used a
staple gun and Elmers glue, but I bet a glue gun would work even better.

I glue and staple the cardboard around entire side, then glued and stapled
just the long edge of the side that opens. I use packing tape to close the
flap, and don't tear it off when I open it. I just slice along the edge and
tape over it again the next time.

It has 1" foam top and bottom, and a foam insert that has a cutout of the
guitar and neck. I've shipped it all over the place, and feel really
comfortable that it will always survive. It's about 4-5lbs light. Cost me
about 5 bucks to make.

> if you have much of a DIY low budget mind, you could try my favorite

> I know this sounds totally silly, but I have had good luck making my own
travel cases.  I use - ready for this? - cardboard!  It really works well!
All you need is a couple of good strong cardboard boxes, some good packing
tape, a bit of hot glue, and a sheet of packaging foam.  The foam I use, I
get from my shipping dept. at work, and is about 2" thick and cuts cleanly
with a steak knife with no mess.