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Re: map to locate fellow loopers

I say; bring 'em on! If people go through the trouble of seeking me out 
over frappr to break into my home they'll be the first morons to try out 
my bowling-ball-and-string boobie traps, hehe.


Per Boysen wrote:
> Here's a viable solution: Place your marker some blocks away from where 
> you actually live! Over here I decided to put my marker at the roof of 
> the Royal Castle. Our king is a swell guy, I'm sure he won't mind ;-)
> per
> On 29 maj 2006, at 13.33, Bernhard Wagner LD wrote:
>> Ooops. Good Point. Thanks, Kevin!
>> Unfortunately I only managed to restrict subscription but not access 
>> to the
>> map.
>> We'd better remove ourselves from the map again.
>> I'll throw away the map eventually unless someone has a better idea.
>> I'm sorry for the effort everyone has put into it.
>> Bernhard
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>>> Sent: Montag, 29. Mai 2006 12:32
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>>> Subject: Re: map to locate fellow loopers
>>>>     I just checked again at 4 a.m. in the morning (California, West
>>> Coast,
>>>> USA time), and there are now
>>>> 21 loopers from 10 different countries at the group the Bernhard 
>>>> so graciously set up for us...................in one
>>>> day..................how completely cool.
>>> I don't wish to rain on anyone's parade,  but the spammers are 
>>> on my
>>> reality.  There are folks who read LD who do not have your best 
>>> interests
>>> at
>>> heart.  Loopers have a lot of gear.  By giving anonymous strangers the
>>> address
>>> of your house you are telling tweakers where to score gear to fence.
>>> Beware!
>>> Cheers,
>>> Kevin
> .