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Re: Flight cases

> Per Boysen wrote:
>> Michel,
>> Thanks for the quick answer. Yes, I already have one of those FCB  
>> soft cases; the zipper lasted for a couple of weeks ;-)  Actually  
>> I mentioned the FCB because it's the biggest piece of gear. It's  
>> not fragile, as you say, but I also want to fit a tc electronics  
>> rack device and a laptop into the same case. I would actually  
>> prefer to find some light (read "cheap for flight") case and stuff  
>> it with FCB + clothes/tooth brush when flying, while carrying  
>> laptop and TC in as "computer bag carry-on", and then when I'm  
>> safely grounded again I can move the expensive gear into the case  
>> and put the clothes into the carry-on bag.

> On 29 maj 2006, at 17.39, Andreas Wetterberg wrote:
> Bah. Get a trolley-bag and a big-ish laptop/messenger bag (quite a  
> few of which will hold 19" racks, even) Stick the fcb1010 in the  
> trolley, stuff it with clothes and zip it up :)

That's a great attitude ;-)  I already use this set-up on some gigs.  
Goes well with taxi cabs and as carry-on at flights. But sometimes  
you really need to get everything down into one safe case ASAP, lock  
it up and turn for the bar. I just handed over a detailed drawing to  
some guys that will build me a good custom box (trolley style).

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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