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Re: Snap, Crackle, Pop - VST Effect & Sound Card Problems

The crazy thing about ASIO4all, which I like, is that on my new computer 
forces the output to my external speakers.  It has something to do with 
integrated sound card in these new ThinkPads...there really isn't a 
traditional driver for the sound card, as it is integrated.  It doesn't 
show up as a sound card in applications like Chainer or EnergyXT. Weird.


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Subject: Re: Snap, Crackle, Pop - VST Effect & Sound Card Problems

> Soundblaster cards are well known for their idiosyncratic, nay downright 
> bloody minded behaviour - as well as their odd 48Khz bias.
> I strongly suspect the card.
> Did you try asio4all Kris?
> G
> ps review of the new zoom pedal coming soon!
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>> Hi there,
>> I'll prefix this by saying I know naff all about PC
>> sound cards.
>> But this is sounding like some weird setting on the
>> card itself, rather than the OS, if the problem has
>> managed to survive a complete rebuild of the system.
>> Before rebuilding it again, check out if there is a
>> super low level, absolute ground zero,
>> return-everything-to-exactly-as-it-was-on-the-production-line
>> option anywhere for the card ? It might not even be
>> available through the standard control panels and the
>> like ... Just from dealing with other hardware over
>> the years, sometimes it gets itself into enough of a
>> kink you have to do some really weird stuff to it to
>> get it back to totally factory supplied state ...
>> - Tony
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