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Re: First KYBERMUSIK recordings online

Hi Rainer. I would say I'm pretty good at navigating websites, but I 
can't find the archives. If I click the banner, then Moinlabs at the 
bottom I get a list of links. No MoinSound there, but another Moinlabs. 
I click that and get a link to Moinsound... that one has no archives 
connected to it...

Please advise, I must be doing something terribly wrong. (Firefox here, 
if that matters)

Would love to listen.


Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
> Some people here might remember a marketing campaign by both Krispen 
> and me, regarding a series of virtual concerts done using Ninjam under 
> kybermusik moniker, and some might even have listenend to the web 
> I'm happy to announce that the first recording from this series is now
> online and available for download from the www.moinlabs.de website (go to
> "Moinlabs"->"MoinSound"->"MoinSound Archives"->"other stuff").
> This is a somewhat "condensed" edit of the performance Krispen and me 
>did on
> 4-23, with both of sitting in the privacy of our respective homes. For 
> familiar with Krispen's other work: this here is your chance to listen to
> Krispen doing some 80ies hair band style fretwork to an abstract two-step
> beat...:=)
> The file is a 30MB mp3 download (35min. in length).
> Thanks for listening,
>       Rainer
> .