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Re: Re: BOSS RC-50 impressions(sync&feedback)

>Yeah, that would be sweet but I wouldn't hold my
>breath for that.  I'm no programmer but it seems like
>doing sync and feedback is very hard.  Even the EDP
>looses it's sync when in overdub with a feedback of
><100, right?

Quite right, the reason it's hard is that Midi Clock is inherently 
inaccurate compared
to audio. So if you Overdub while syncing to Midi there's a big problem 
time that you sync, normally at the start of the loop.
The EDP processor isn't powerful enough to do a whole bunch of little 
crossfades, which
would reduce the glitching in the overdubbed sound (but probably not 
remove it completely), so there was a very clever workaround 
developed by (afaik) Matthias(programmer) & Claude Voit(tester).

That would be an interesting test for the RC-50, to overdub while synced.

I wonder if the RC-50 has a certain amount of decay during overdub, 
like the DL4.

andy butler