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Re: MIDI sync survey: is it important to you?


mark sottilaro wrote:
So, is MIDI sync important to you?

Would it influence you to purchase your next looper?

Are you interested in jamming with other loopers and
keeping both loopers in sync?

I experiment a lot without MIDI sync, but to the majority of my public stuff, it is critical.  It will influence future acquisitions.  I'd love to experiment with other loopers in sync.

As a note, in researching a band that uses Prop head's Reason, they say multiple members of the group use laptops on-stage with reason, but they opt to not sync.  Their experience is that if the laptops are linked and one crashes, they all go.  Don't know what that's about or why it happens (other then 'musician' does not always equal 'technician'), but it has given me pause.

(no loop material; coming soon ... I hope)