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Re: Looperlative 1st report

I just upgraded my LP1 and noticed a new replace feature...sort of like 
EDP substitute function, right? I see two options for it, Replace and 
Replace (with original, or something to that effect). Nice.


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Subject: Re: Looperlative 1st report

> >>>This makes me think that Bob and the early testers were not
> trying to push the box to its fullest extent.  A quick browse through
> Steve Lawson's sound samples with the box confirms this notion for me-
> all his stuff is polite, with discrete loops played at deliberate
> tempos.  Not much stress on the Looperlative.<<<
> Just for the record, the only 'sound sample' that's ever been posted  by 
> me is the original demo at NAMM, done with a prototype box and  version 
> 0.5 of the software - the main things that I wast trying to  get across 
> with that was that it was stereo, and that the layers  could be 
> manipulated independently with reverse and feedback etc.
> Beyond that, the other tracks that I've posted on my myspace page  that 
> feature the Looperlative are from my new album, which is no more  
> to test the limitations of the Looperlative than Bob Dylan  writes songs 
> to test the limits of the acoustic guitar. I can't even  begin to 
> why someone would write music to do that, if it's  not just a product 
> demo. The things that I am doing on both the new  tracks on my MySpace 
> page would have been impossible with my old two  EDP set up, and 
> all the reverbs etc are now in stereo -  that's always been the biggest 
> selling point to me...
> As for why Andre's not using an LP1 - I can't speak for him, but if  I'd 
> spent the amount of time working on my EDP skills that he has, I  
> be in any hurry to switch. It's like asking why Yo Yo Ma  doesn't play 5 
> string electric cello. The Echoplex, as has been  stated many times, 
> its own bag of tricks, a feature set that  took a decade to come to 
> maturity, and works phenomenally well. For  someone like Andre, it would 
> seem mad to sacrifice all those EDP- specific elements for a different 
> at this stage. I'm sure if and  when the LP1 feature set offers 
> he can't do with the EDP  that he wants to do, he'd get one...
> As for Torn, I know he's been on the LP forum, and is in touch with Bob.
> >>> I know I'm the odd
> man out here as I think there are only a few of us who
> are angry at the way it functions in regard to
> switching tracks while synced.  I'm only considering
> abandoning the Looperlative because I honestly don't
> think enough of us want this functionality that it is
> worth Bob's time to add it.  Silly to change your
> design for a tiny group of users.<<<
> Not at all - MIDI Sync has all along been one of Bob's top  priorities, 
> it's just much harder to develop than relatively simple  internal 
> processes like feedback, reverse and multiply. As Bob has  posted on the 
> forum, it's at the very top of his programming priority  list, and it 
> depends on whether you can be bothered to stick  around long enough to 
> it come to fruition. If not, someone else  gets to jump the queue for a 
> LP1, if you do, maybe you'll find that  the LP1 is the answer to your 
> looping prayers after all... ;o)
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