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Re: Buying a laptop for Mobius

On 10 maj 2006, at 07.15, mark t wrote:

> I have always been a mac guy.  I got a g4 powerbook and a g5.  I am
> "considering" getting a pc laptop to soley use Mobius.  Any of you
> seasoned PC guys recomend me something good and affordable.  You know
> the deal....I would like to be able to run 8 stereo loops comfortably
> without gliches and crashes and to much stress on the machine.  So
> help me out whats a good solid machine to use for soley Mobius.  
> thanks.

I have a PC laptop based on the centrino concept and it's fine for  
Mobius. The CPU is a Pentium M 755, 2 GHz Dothan. 1 GB ram. I'm using  
an Indigo Echo stereo (two in/outputs) sound card or a RME Multiface  
when I need eight physical in/output + digital. Both are PCMCIS  
cardbus based. MIDI is handled by a USB MIDI link (on MIDI in + one  
MIDI out). That's totally glitch free and runs eight stereo tracks of  
as many loops I need. I have no other software installed on the pc  
except for Mobius and some other music application, just the plain XP  
service pack 2. No anti virus and I never bring it onto the internet.

Like you I do most of my work in OS X on Macs (I also have a g4 pbook  
and a dual G5) and I think that if I should have gotten into Mobius  
today I wold have been looking for one of the new intel based Macs  
instead. It's just so boring to travel with the PC laptop and don't  
have access to my other fav tools like Logic, Metasynth, Numerology  
or Augustus Loop.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)
http://tinyurl.com/fauvm (podcast)