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Re: Looperlative 1st report

Re: Looperlative 1st report> Quick survey: anyone else think MIDI sync
improvements are worthwhile?  If even 5 of us say it's important, that's
roughly 20% of the installed user base!  (until the June batch ships, then
we'll be about 8%).

Of course this is just *my* opinion...

A box of this caliber *should* address midi sync and control issues until
everything--sync, triggering of various loops in both continuous and start
modes, and all parameter toggling is smooth and seamless.

It sounds like Bob is very much aware of all critique and input put forth
here, and I applaud his active involvement in trying to bring us what we
dream of. If there are snags in the development, I'm sure someone here will
catch it and post. Keep the beta coming everyone... and try to keep it
positive so there won't be any defensive volleys among the proles, and the
development can continue!

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