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Re: KLF The Manual

goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
> individuals who have followed it to the letter are known to have been 
> "successful"

I read the whole book, its very well written and fun to read. Then I 
downloaded their quoted Number One Hit - obviously these guys are 
brilliant writers, not so much musicians...
Really astonishing that it made it, not astonishing that it was for just 
a week. They explained it all, the success has nothing to do with the 
"music". It explains also why so much crap is in the charts...

What I would like to find out, how some of the better pieces made it 
into the charts though the music is good (rarely enough). Did those acts 
also needed to buy it? (with or without loan).

I am probably too naive by still believing there are some other paths to 
success as well...



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