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Re: Looperlative LP1 testers


I've been unsubscribed for some time due to mailbox overflow, but I've been
following the discussion through the archive.

There are two topics (second topic in a separate post):
I've been wondering about the selection of Looperlative LP1 testers. Why
wasn't Andy Butler added to this group? Andy has proven that he's one of 
most structured, thorough and ingenious testers of loop devices or musical
gear of any kind. Was he too busy and declined?

hey Bernhard

what a strange question ?
is LP1 buggy ?
is LP1 unstructured?

there seems to be enough ideas thrown at Bob Amstadt to keep him occupied
for a long time
(theres a part time job for a c. programmer at looperlative.com btw)

having followed the LP1 forum for a while, I'm a little bothered with the
"throw in your ideas, boys" way of develloping a software. Wich, may lead 
a lot of frustration, not deserved at all criticism and bitterness because
of too much public "communication" between the developper, the users, the
eventual buyer if..., the nerdy dreamers, etc...
all that, finally  leading to a general feeling that the direction of
developement is confuse because of too much diverse inputs. and the soft 
going in "my" direction, yet.

me for myself keeping my 3 edp's for some more time...:=),
but keeping an interested eye at LP1 and a _very_ interested at moebius