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Re: Message Board

> >>>>>>So if this "idea" for another board is just aimless conversation,
it's just devilish advocating and provocative... and IMO it's OT. If it's
actually a proposal to start something somewhere else, it's a TROLL. So
which is it Matt?

> Beg the question much? It's officially not worth discussing anymore. It's
a sad day in any format when discussion of an independent idea is
automatically labeled 'trolling'.

I know, I know... I'm being pedantic... try that other looping web 
where everyone's really cool and talks about whatever you want to. It's the
repeated insistence that we somehow don't understand what you and Kris are
fighting for, and are being really dim to not want what you want, to the
point of being tired of the repeated insistence that it's a great thing.
That's my point Matt.

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