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Re: looppool performance reviewed on O'Reilly Digital Media site

I just assumed I missed an advance announcement on the list (rather than 
after the fact).  Was there one?  Now I don't feel so bad about missing it.

At 2006.04.28 11:19 AM, mark sottilaro wrote:
>You dork!  I was there sunday and had no idea!
>Instead I walked away from two guys who might have
>been checking their email while playing an electronica
>--- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> > Please forgive the shameless self promotion but
> > I was excited to have my Maker Faire performance
> > last Sunday
> > reviewed by columnist David Battino of the O'Reilly
> > Digital Media
> > website.
> >
> > He even took a short movie clip of the performance.
> >
> >