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Re: Message Board

From: <Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com>
> Without belaboring the point too much: I am a part of many Message boards
that have all these aspects. Creating a commuinty is far from the exclusive
domain of email lists.

Of couse not, and Kim acknowledges this. He has stated his opinions and 
others here have also. It's great to have an opinion and actually stand
behind it. You sound like you have one too, but remember that it's YOUR job
to build any community you envision, in harmony with other communities...

Kim >> I think that idea is destructive to our community. I also think it 
hurtful to the group when people try to create some separate forum. It
always feels like an attempt to split our community up.

> I think this might be a bit of an overreaction.

Matt... from reading what you state below, it's clear that you'd like to 
another forum somewhere... but trolling this community with the possibility
of creating a home *somewhere* else IS divisive. You're welcome to start
whatever looping list or board you might care to. Just don't do it here.
You're witnessing the reactions of folks who have also participated in many
other forums, using a variety of interfaces. We haven't ignored the
high-tech world and somehow *missed* how other possibilities might work. We
clearly disagree and prefer to stick together here. Get out there and do 
work to build your community and try not to do damage to ours.

Other communities HAVE formed through LD. Chain Tape Collective has put out
a couple dozen cds authored by people from LD and elsewhere.
www.ct-collective.com   We have a different aim, and are a complimentary 
of LD.

> It's a big world with a lot of Loopers. I don't see how a message board
devoted to looping (again- I am NOT talking about LD, since it's clear most
of the people here are not interested in a board-based forum- I am talking
about if someone were to start a completely independent board devoted to
looping)- could in any way, shape, or form be detrimental to the world
community of looping musicians. No offense, but the preceeding statement
certainly seems to imply that the LD mailing list is the be all & end all 
the looping world, and quite frankly, it's not. I understand that you've
worked on and created this list from nothing, and I very much appreciate 
information & community available here. But to imply that it's a somehow
negative action for someone else to attempt to begin simply a different
format of communication between musicians is just downright silly, IMO.

>From my experience, this list IS actually the most prominent forum in
looping, with the most up-to-date and informed community available. Show me
another place where I can get dialog and information of this quality and
I'll take a look. It would be cool to find another nest of loopers,
productively creating art and discussing their process. It would also be
cool if they made themselves easier to find... using search engines
regarding various products, ideas and people involved in looping mostly
leads one back to... you guessed it... Loopers Delight.

So if this "idea" for another board is just aimless conversation, it's just
devilish advocating and provocative... and IMO it's OT. If it's actually a
proposal to start something somewhere else, it's a TROLL. So which is it

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