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Re: vote for me!

Excuse me David for this, but the system of vote is as stupid as this 
tribune for new talent where winning bands are the one who receive the 
most clapping

where is the emotion?

the fact that you try to create a non representative vote is like this 
myspace bloody friends, where people create hundred of fake account in 
order to have more firends and then to have more audience..

so clap your hand, say stop!

David Gans a écrit :
> At 7:48 PM -0700 4/26/06, daniel stevenson wrote:
>> ok David,remember what Vito Corleone told the
>> mortician on the day of his daughters wedding?as i
>> know nothing of this poll you mention i will give you
>> the benefit of the doubt...some day you may receive a
>> request that is an offer you cant refuse.(hold this
>> heavy backpack while the officer walks by)psyche-ill
>> grant your request just because you ask so nicely and
>> i liked the sounds.
> It wouldn't be the first time I was left holding the bag!
> Thanks for your vote.  Like all online polls, it's bogus and easily 
> gamed.  But it's great PR for me to be at the top of the list for 
> however long I last up there.


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