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Re: Message Board: no thanks

I'll make this quick, Mike, so as to not propagate this thread much longer 
and use up too much bandwidth.

Basically, as you say, this is currently a discussion about which system 
people prefer. That's an honest and straightforward enough question. I'll 
grant that. However, I'm advocating at this point that the discussion 
from the "show n' tell" of personal preferences to a pragmatic discussion 
how the diverse needs of this community (the ultimate stakeholder here, 
one person, I assume) can be met by a single system. After while, the 
response after response of "I like this, I dislike that" becomes tiresome 
me personally, unless it starts to shift to a realistic and workable 
solution, or at least the idea of one. I can't satisfy you by snapping my 
fingers and making this system pop out of nowhere, but I can make an 
observation on the practicality of this thread and suggest a change to 
something more productive. That's my choice of expression here. If you 
to call it brainstorming, fair enough....whatever semantics you want to 
choose to suggest something mutually beneficial to the community. If I 
across as condescending or talking down to you, I apologize, for that was 
not my intention. I was hoping you'd break through the opacity of my 
sarcasm, but I guess you don't know me well enough.

Carry on...perhaps this can be the world's longest thread and 
categorization of personal preferences on email/web forum systems.


[massive snip]