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Re: Message Board: no thanks

> Because in my mind and apparently many others who use both interfaces, we
> see it that way.

That's unfortunate, as the world is not black and white, especially when 
comes to user needs and information management/communication. A lot of 
people like tea, and a lot like coffee, but I don't insist that stores 
carry or display one or the other. In fact, to satisfy customer wants, 
is why there is the "Charger" - chai tea and shots of coffee.

If you're proposing a NEW paradigm, then please explain further what 

Well, it's not even a new paradigm...that's an exaggeration. It wouldn't 
take a programming genius to develop a system that is email based like the 
system you are accustomed to now, but also has a web-based interface that 
draws from the same data-base. If a person's needs are met, why would 
give a gnat's ass whether another group of user's needs were also met? 
like a win-win situation to me, unless folks are just being belligerent 
counter-productive about the whole thing. Don't we want to satisfy 
user needs? Or is this group just a bunch of ego maniacs who care about 
nothing show-n-tell of their own unique needs. This is supposed to be a 

>  I'd MUCH rather have sorted email.

Yes, and that is what you shall get...do you not like the idea of having 
your way, but someone else being satisfied as well? I can;'t imagine what 
you sex life is like ;) just kidding...really...I'm in a frisky mood 
of the stress of planning. I am smiling now.

> We're a fairly informed online community and merely stating our 
> preferences. The future could certainly bring improvements over either 
> system.

Agreed...and back to my point. If everyone focused on this new system 
than bashing one or another, then we might get somewhere.

>> With a savvy programmer, you can do anything you want.
> I'm sure someone's working on something? You mentioned deliverables... 
> what
> are they?

The actual system, whether it is off the shelf and customizable, or if 
someone has the know-how, one built from the ground up. It depends on what 
everyone wants...but it's certainly possible.

>> All this dispute about the merits of one or another is a straw man
> argument. They are not mutually exclusive.
> Or course not, but I'm curious about this middle ground you're talking
> about. Short of that you're stuck with our opinions...

That's exactly what should compel us to move on...that we are stuck with 
diverse opinions. The middle ground....it not obvious? Consider the 
needs expressed in this thread thus far....now imagine a system that meets 
them. There're your middle ground...it's a Charger.

clearly there's been
> a lot of posting of preferences, so people feel they have something to
> defend based on experience.

I don't know why anyone is defending anything. It's not like the current 
list is under threat of alien intrusion. We're just expressing our needs 
wants. That sort of healthy dialogue sometimes leads to improved products 
and services...sometimes...sometimes it just pisses people off.

> Great job on the festival though! Sounds like a new level of organization
> and understanding... I TOTALLY support the amount of time and energy 
> you've
> been putting into that, along with all the other activity you're involved
> in. Truly high energy involvement... great job Kris! Can't wait to hear 
> some
> of it if possible.

Thank you!  It has been a lot of work and I can't wait to see it in 
Tonight they setup rows of stage lights and, hopefully a system to control 
them. I am making a moveable stage curtain, to move from one stage to 
another, so that group A can setup in peace while group B is playing, etc. 
We're getting down to the wire now....


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