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Re: Message Board: no thanks

From: "Krispen Hartung" <khartung@cableone.net>
> Again, I'll reiterate my last point. Why is everyone treating this topic
as so black and white? You can integrate both an email system (like the
current LD list) and a web-based system. It's not one or the other.

Because in my mind and apparently many others who use both interfaces, we
see it that way. If you're proposing a NEW paradigm, then please explain
further what you're imagining.  I'd MUCH rather have sorted email. We're a
fairly informed online community and merely stating our preferences. The
future could certainly bring improvements over either system.

> With a savvy programmer, you can do anything you want.

I'm sure someone's working on something? You mentioned deliverables... what
are they?

> All this dispute about the merits of one or another is a straw man
argument. They are not mutuallly exclusive.

Or course not, but I'm curious about this middle ground you're talking
about. Short of that you're stuck with our opinions... clearly there's been
a lot of posting of preferences, so people feel they have something to
defend based on experience.

Great job on the festival though! Sounds like a new level of organization
and understanding... I TOTALLY support the amount of time and energy you've
been putting into that, along with all the other activity you're involved
in. Truly high energy involvement... great job Kris! Can't wait to hear 
of it if possible.

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