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Re: Message Board: no thanks

the way i read it, I did think it was either/or. that's why i chimed  
in (where usually i stay out of this stuff!). but if everything is  
possible and, then you're right. doesn't matter a bit!

On Apr 26, 2006, at 2:00 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:

> Again, I'll reiterate my last point. Why is everyone treating this  
> topic as so black and white? You can integrate both an email system  
> (like the current LD list) and a web-based system. It's not one or  
> the other.  With a savvy programmer, youcan do anything you want.  
> The bottom line is that migrating to a new system of this sort  
> provides choices to people with different needs. Now, what the heck  
> is wrong with that? If you don't like the web board, you simply  
> don't use it. If you like the extra benefits of a web-based,  
> graphical system, then you use it.  It's that simple.
> All this dispute about the merits of one or another is a straw man  
> argument. They are not mutuallly exclusive.
> Or does everyone just like arguing for the sake of arguing  
> here? :)   I'm just wondering how practical this thread is unless  
> we actually produce and agree on some deliverable that meets more  
> user needs than the status quo.
> Cheers,
> Kris
> ----- O