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Re: Message Board: no thanks

Again, I'll reiterate my last point. Why is everyone treating this topic 
so black and white? You can integrate both an email system (like the 
LD list) and a web-based system. It's not one or the other.  With a savvy 
programmer, youcan do anything you want. The bottom line is that migrating 
to a new system of this sort provides choices to people with different 
needs. Now, what the heck is wrong with that? If you don't like the web 
board, you simply don't use it. If you like the extra benefits of a 
web-based, graphical system, then you use it.  It's that simple.

All this dispute about the merits of one or another is a straw man 
They are not mutuallly exclusive.

Or does everyone just like arguing for the sake of arguing here? :)   I'm 
just wondering how practical this thread is unless we actually produce and 
agree on some deliverable that meets more user needs than the status quo.



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> Zoe Keating wrote:
>> I travel too much to read boards. Every single board-based list I  have 
>> dropped out of (except the resistance-is-futile-myspace-borg).
>> I like being able to download all mail in a batch whenever wifi is 
>> accessible. Then, I read it at my leisure.
> I read and answer it in the Paris metro, though the trips are too short 
> for all my lists... And just the time a web site needs to show up is far 
> from immediate. getting to the next mail is not just a click, its 
> there when I release the button. I simply could not keep up if I'd use a 
> board... The increase of speed of internet access is not keeping up with 
> the demand of new websites (exept wikipedia).
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