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Re: Boise Experimental Music Festival in Boise's Thrive Magazine

Yep, Chad "got it" alright...which is uncommon for some reporters for this 
type of music. The key here was that I prepped the hell out of Dryden 
beforehand...I sent him all the communications for the event, the press 
release, a series of BEMF "Do You Know" updates that revealed interesting 
tid bits of info about the musicians or event, etc, etc...and he 
read the website.  And he called and interviewed me and listened well.

I probably talked to fast though, because he didn't get my quote on 
experimental music quite right: "In the strict sense of the word, 
experimental music is very restrictive. It's spontaneous composition, 
with no meter or time signature."  I meant to characterize a form of free 
improv, reserving the strict definition of experimental music to the type 
that are actual "experiments" or installments, which require a fair amount 
of pre-planning. Such as the contraption one BEMF perfomer (who has a PhD 
electronic music) created that sampled the frequency of moth wings 
and converted the varying frequencies into tonal patterns...or the machine 
he setup that captured cosmic rays and converted that to sound, using a 
computer program, VST effects, etc. Oh well.  I got the main point across 
and was happy with how I framed the loose boundaries of the genres, I 
It was no fault of his, but mine for not being clear.

Oh, by the way, we are streaming the entire festival to the web, and 
recording it. I'll share the details later, but for now here is the link:

http://www.radioboise.org/ (click on "Listen Here"). The first performance 
starts on Friday at 7pm MST US time, or 9pm EST US time (Boston), or 6pm 
(California), or 1:00am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), or 2:00am in London.


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> cool as hell man,great quotes...that Dryden guy seems
> to get"it".i know you all are getting stoked for the
> weekend...hope the weather is good and hordes of folks
> turn out for the shows.how are tEds fingers?any
> word?hope hes ok...ill keep my ear to the ground,this
> weather finds me busy busking,but i hope to see/hear
> some footage.
>                   to the future,
>                            danny visionary.
> --- Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
>> The Boise Experimental Music Festival just showed up
>> in Boise's entertainment magazine, "Thrive", with
>> quotes and reflections from me and Rick Walker.
>> Check it out:
>> Kris
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