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Re: Digital vs. Analog (and now GuitarPlayer)

i met mike molenda when i got invited to review those under $500 guitars 
thats in the latest edition of GuitarPlayer.
he is a very cool guy-totally guitar friendly-which i guess ya have to be 
if yer the editor in chief...
i mentioned loopersdelught while we were talking-dont know if it took er 
not, but i'm pretty sure he is  aware of we.

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>Subject: Re: Digital vs. Analog (and now GuitarPlayer)
>>Subject: Re: Digital vs. Analog (Was: Line 6 Tonecore Verbzilla)
>>Am I alone here or are their other folks who like to abuse analog or
>>even acoustic effects?  Or will I finally see the light and buy a
>>laptop to cultivate my very own VST farm?
>You are not alone.  Cheap, trashy, noisy, whatever.  as long as it makes 
>interesting noise.
>In one of the recent Guitar Player issues the editor mentioned that he's 
>a MySpace site and if you are a guitarist you should add him as a friend. 
>He's got a group that listens to all the friends stuff and will feature 
>people they like in future issues of GP.
>I'm not sure if they are going for off the wall stuff, but hell, it's 
>an 'add'.