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Re: Digital vs. Analog (and now GuitarPlayer)

>Subject: Re: Digital vs. Analog (Was: Line 6 Tonecore Verbzilla)

>Am I alone here or are their other folks who like to abuse analog or
>even acoustic effects?  Or will I finally see the light and buy a
>laptop to cultivate my very own VST farm?

You are not alone.  Cheap, trashy, noisy, whatever.  as long as it makes 
interesting noise.

In one of the recent Guitar Player issues the editor mentioned that he's 
a MySpace site and if you are a guitarist you should add him as a friend. 
He's got a group that listens to all the friends stuff and will feature 
people they like in future issues of GP.


I'm not sure if they are going for off the wall stuff, but hell, it's 
an 'add'.