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Re: Digital vs. Analog (Was: Line 6 Tonecore Verbzilla)

I am with u as well playing with preprogrammed effects
for me lately feels a bit like playing written music
it has to be all well mapped but even then there is
always the next tweak level to adjust...
ive also built a pedal board after realising my
frequent preferences,and i am still trying to keep it
analog, compact but with maximum flexibility and still
looking for that magical single stomp box(no tween)
that i can switch from overdrive to heavy

--- Weg <theweg@netzero.net> wrote:

> Am I alone here or are their other folks who like to
> abuse analog or 
> even acoustic effects?  Or will I finally see the
> light and buy a 
> laptop to cultivate my very own VST farm?
> Cheaply,
> Kevin
> Hi Kevin,
>    You are not alone, throughout the 80's and 90's I
> tried the same.  I currently own a few digital
> pedals and have tried to ween myself from analog
> many times but I always return.   I recently tried
> with the digitech GNX3 and I really like it but I
> too noticed the same issues of sounds trailing off
> irradically, chords crapping out when they should
> feedback.  I have tweeked the GNX and run it stereo
> through two Ampeg Jets.  I can get some decent
> feedback with this setup but I still love analog....
> Weg

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