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Polling the masses, was Re: Message Board

I personally prefer the email system.  It's nice to have the information 
come to me, rather than me having to go and get it someplace.  If I ask a 
question, I don't have to go and check the message board every two minutes 
to see if the answer is there (not OCD, just impatient :-)

As well, I find it far simpler to search my mail archives for a specific 
item, instead of having to root through a million Favorites trying to 
remember which one held that weird bit on rebuilding Permissions in OS X.

Dave O'H

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> Matthew, your list below is on the money. We shouldn't have to justify 
> value of a web-based forum. That's been done already. The question is 
> whether the group, and more importantly the moderator/creator sees this 
> same value.
> Why don't we setup a poll of some sort? Let the masses decide.
> Kris