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Re: Message Board


> I think some of you frequent the wrong message boards.

I've yet to see a web-board match the functionality of something like the 
classic Compuserve forums (not the abominations they now run), or CIX, or 
Delphi or some of the old pre-web BBSs etc. They had all the features you 
could dream of and yes, I would certainly prefer something like that to a 
mailing list. But sadly there are no web forums that come any way close to 
BBS ca. 1988, let alone Compuserve ca. 1998.

There are lot's of things that can't be done on a mailing list, but the 
thing it does do - straightforward conversation - it does better that 
anything else currently available. IMHO of course!

> How about an off topic forum where people who have one thing in 
> common (looping) can discuss other aspects of the universe we live in- 
> wait, can't do that

Umm ... isn't that what we're doing right now? <g>


  Ian Petersen