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Re: Message Board

On 4/25/06, Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com <Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com> wrote:
> Man, that message might be the best arguement for a board- if I were to
> respond to each point individually, it just becomes a hideous mess of
> "quotes" and "responses".
> It's nice on a message board when each quote is in a shaded little box 
> different colored text, thus making it easy to skim down a thread &
> determine who said what. But a couple quick rebuttals:

Yeah I dig that about message boards myself. Although that only works
if the people using the quote option know what they are doing. I have
had instances where people mess up the quote tag and their post is in
a quote box instead of the quote.

My e-mail client colors your quoted text as purple and my text is
black so it is still pretty easy to figure out who said what.

> 1) Every thread on every message board has a web address. When I want to
> archive a specific thread, I simply save the web address in a Notepad.

The only problem with that is you end up with a long web address with
no real descriptor of the topic unless you take the time to actually
format your paste with a header etc...  Too much trouble for me when I
have to do this on the message boards I frequent. Although there is a
neat little trick on Mac OS that allows you to save selected text as
text clippings (small un-editable text files ) onto your desktop.

Right now in my Gmail I can archive (by pressing one button) this
whole thread and 10 years from now run a search on "message board" in
my Loopers Delight label and this thread will pop up. I only wish
gmail was around when I first joined the list many years ago so I
could have all the posts I found informative. But I find the LD
archives pretty good and easy to navigate.